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Explore this Client Love! 

Featured Testimonial

Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans, Founder & CEO

Pure Momentum Consulting

"There aren't enough words to express just how MUCH momentum Monique has brought to my business. Prior to her support, we historically struggled with Sales & Marketing, keeping a full client pipeline, and maintaining our digital presence and engagement with current and prospective clients.


On top of that, when Monique entered our orbit, the business was in the midst of expansion to host 3 separate though complimentary brands!!


That didn't scare Monique!


She jumped right in, and began strategizing, organizing, and directing the orchestra as if she had been here all along.


Her exceptional skills with digital marketing, writing engaging marketing copy, website and landing page creation, video producing and editing, graphic design, public relations, social media and email marketing, and event planning (both virtual and in-person) is second to none.


This may be cliche to say, but Monique is literally a "one stop shop"...!


On top of her exemplary skills, Monique is humble, approachable, and intuitive. She "gets" you, and your Vision, and she can make it come to Life, even BETTER than what you expected!!


I would Highly Recommend any small business owner/ consultant/ coach to engage Monique's services, if you wish to grow the business of your dreams!"


"I highly recommend Athena's Bridge for your nonprofit organization. She has been a tremendous support for FIERCE Advocates through many phases of our organization as we transitioned from a fiscally sponsored organization to an independent nonprofit organization.


Her deep organizational development skills have helped us move forward with critical projects, from selecting operational vendors to independently operate as a nonprofit organization to developing standard operating procedures to deepen our infrastructure and providing guidance for fundraising and newsletter campaigns to broaden awareness about our programs.


When working with Monique, we trust that she will fully implement the project so that we can utilize our time for other projects and activities, thus allowing us to focus on our mission of building wellness-filled and empowered communities."

Copy of Fierce Advocates Black Logo.png
Sheryl Lane, Executive Director
FIERCE Advocates

I met Monique a few years ago and was instantly impressed by her incredible insight, wisdom, and knowledge as it related to marketing, branding, business, and working with nonprofits.  After a few conversations, Monique and I started working with one another and we have been partners for the past few years.  


She has been an incredible editor for all my newsletters, phenomenal marketing consultant, and amazing person to work with.  Also, the bonus working with Monique is that she is a GREAT person who does everything to make sure that the task that she helps with is done in excellence.  


I highly recommend her!!!! 

CoC logo.png
Dr. Joshua Fredenburg, President
Circle of Change Leadership Conference
I can recall numerous instances where her innovative design ideas would turn a project into something engaging and captivating
I also always had faith that if I had to collaborate on an event or project, she would be there with a smile too. Any company would be gaining a resource by having Monique on their team!

Diana Garcia,


During each of our project collaborations, I am in awe of her genius. Monique is a forward thinker, an excellent digital marketer, and an exceptional programmer.
She keeps the internal and external stakeholders in mind at all times. Monique can be considered a valuable asset to any organization’s team.

Shaina Forbes, Dir. of Events

YMCA South Florida

Monique is a detail oriented person that sees the big project picture. Monique is a gifted web designer, outstanding writer, and strong communicator.
If she sets her mind to accomplishing something, it will get done! She is also very personable and amicable. Competence and agree-ability go a long way with me!

Dr. Matthew Lloyd Collins

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