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Imagine for a moment...

Networking Event

You’re at a networking event and someone asked you why you started your business… a jolt of excitement shoots through your body as you exclaim


“I love spending all my time manually processing my services, micromanaging my team, and sometimes seeing my family once a week!” 



Is that why you started your business journey? My guess is probably not - so, why are you putting all of your time and energy into those areas instead of the impactful work you initially set out for? 


It sounds like you need an Online Business Manager who can simplify and organize your systems (or even put them in place if you don’t have any). Think of an OBM as your right hand person who can strategize alongside you, manage your team, and clear the chaos behind the scenes to make your vision a reality. 


Through the creative and strategic services of Athena’s Bridge, you can finally stop the overwhelm in its tracks so you can focus your heart and energy on your mission. 

How do you actually want to answer “Why did you start your business?”


If it wasn’t to “sleep 3 hours a night, work 7 days a week, drink 16 cups of coffee daily, and live in your inbox”...

We should chat.

My love of Project & Team Management combined with my unwavering desire to help & support others has blossomed into a career path that allows me to tap into my expansive creative and strategic talents. If you're looking to connect with someone who excels in systems thinking and putting all the puzzle pieces together, you've come to the right place!


My unique experience in the Nonprofit, Leadership Development, and Higher Education arenas translate into an expansive understanding of: 

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Development & Operations

  • Digital Marketing

  • Team Management

  • Online Engagement Strategy

  • Coaching & Advising

  • Website & Landing Page Creation

  • Copywriting

  • Virtual Event Planning & Program Coordination

  • Personal & Professional Development

I am a wholehearted professional whose passion in life is to support & empower business leaders while making their vision a reality through my dynamic management and intuitive leadership approaches.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking in new places, exploring with my camera, and trying all the vegetarian items at Indian restaurants. 



The concept of Athena's Bridge came to life while completing my Master's in Nonprofit Management. We were tasked with creating our own organization with a mission to serve a community we care about. 

Athena is a well-known figure in Greek Mythology. She is notably the Goddess of wisdom, strategy, courage, inspiration, and strength. She is often represented by owls and olive branches - while Bridges are a symbol of connection, progress, overcoming obstacles, transitions, and hope.

Athena's Bridge embodies these concepts through the creative and strategic services provided to impact-driven businesses

Supporting your business goals brings Athena's Bridge to life!



There aren't enough words to express just how MUCH momentum Monique has brought to my business. Prior to her support, we historically struggled with Sales & Marketing, keeping a full client pipeline, and maintaining our digital presence and engagement with current and prospective clients...She jumped right in, and began strategizing, organizing, and directing the orchestra as if she had been here all along...

Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans

Monique is a detail-oriented person that sees the big project picture. Monique is a gifted web designer, outstanding writer, and strong communicator. If she sets her mind to accomplishing something, it will get done! She is also very personable and amicable. Competence and agree-ability go a long way with me!

Dr. Matthew Lloyd Collins

During each of our project collaborations, I am in awe of her genius. Monique is a forward thinker, an excellent digital marketer, and an exceptional programmer. She keeps the internal and external stakeholders in mind at all times. Monique can be considered a valuable asset to any organization’s team.

Shaina Forbes, MBA

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